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tv   DW News  PBS  September 14, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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a railway boxcar is rolled into place with rolls and rolls of razor wire. the final hole is plugged in hungary border wall, put up for the sole purpose of keeping refugees out. also we go live to brussels where eu interior ministers are said to agree to the redistribution of 160,000 asylum-seekers throughout europe, but how will they do it? and more assets are seized in the corruption investigation against soccer's governing body
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fifa. i'm sarah kelly, good evening. thank you for joining us. hungary is making good on threats we have been reporting on for weeks. a wall is in place along its border with serbia, erected with a single purpose of cutting off the flow of refugees. even the airspace along the border is being monitored and at the strike of midnight, harsh new laws go into effect. those who tamper with the defense or cross it illegally could face prison. >> the last gaps allowing uncontrolled entry into the eu are closed and police have begun patrols to keep refugees out. a hole in the fence near the agrarian village was the last hope for migrants here. elsewhere the border is fortified.
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frustration has again taken hold and migrants here have been left in limbo. going back is out of the question, but authorities are denying entry. it's a humanitarian crisis but budapest is sticking to its hardline. the prime minister's war in 900 new police recruits. the next stop is the serbian border, a show of force on a big stage. you must defend hungary. europe must defend the country's borders and protect our way of life. you are the defenders of our culture, our way of life, and our sovereignty. our 1000 euros statehood gives us an unquestionable right to protect our borders, citizens, and culture. as the flow of migrants kept growing, germany finally reinstated border controls. hungary is going a step further.
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tough new immigration laws take effect on tuesday. under the new measures, illegal border crossers could be jailed for years. the news spread rapidly among the refugees and only make them more desperate to reach on gary and territory. >> we must be fast, fast. we don't know what will happen to us. >> we are looking for life for our kids. >> but europe is closing itself off, at least that's how migrants on the eu border sees it. the more europe tightens its borders, the more song will try to find a way in. sarah: eu interior ministers have agreed in principle to redistribute 160,000 refugees across europe. that deal came after marathon talks in brussels aimed at
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tackling the worst refugee crisis since world war ii, but interior minister say a number of details still need to be ironed out an agreement on refugee quotas has not been reached. the ministers will meet again next month. our correspondent joins us from brussels. we understand the ministers have just come out and said something. what can you tell us? >> what i gathered from the beginning of the press conference of the eu president's here is that there will be no mutual statement from this council meeting, which means there will be no paper on which all the member states that have participated in the meeting has signed. in other words, that means there is no common statement and no common agreement, not even on the decision in principle to agree to relocate refugees in europe by a quota, something
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which the german interior minister and his french counterpart earlier today already announced as something that has in principle been agreed on. while the mechanism by which these refugees should be relocated is still something contested. now it seems there is no agreement at all and it is only the presidency that has come out with a general statement of this ministerial meeting. >> this is not what we were expecting. a lot of people were expecting a very strong signal from this meeting. why have we not gotten it? reporter: it seems like there's a serious row behind the scenes, not just over the uota system which has been the key idea to resolve the refugee crisis, but it has been overtaken by general debate over how migration in europe should be organized. after all the tv images we have
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seen, all the heartbreaking stories we have heard in the last days and weeks, a lot of people expected a lot more from this meeting. just the row over the mechanism shows there still a number of states, particularly the former communist states, that they are still not willing to take in refugees. if one listens to the xenophobic undertones we hear from hungary, that is something that concerns a lot of countries within the european union. it was 22 of the 28 countries that at the last meeting agreed to a voluntary principle -- to a voluntary quota stem. but that has not worked out as of today. >> we've been hearing a lot about the border patrols that are increasingly being put up all across europe. we've had no agreement now from this meeting. what happens to those refugees who are trying to get across the
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border to europe? reporter: there seems to be at least room for compromise on all the ideas in this package that has been put forward to ministers when it comes to securing the borders. in other words, when it comes to providing a list of safe countries where you can swiftly return asylum-seekers, refugees that have not been granted asylum. essentially it is something that could be agreed on, the idea to put more into the agency that protects europe's borders. when it comes to sharing the burden within europe, and agreeing on a quota, the divisions run very deep. sarah: most of the migrants and refugees who have managed to interview europe want to make their way to germany or sweden where asylum policies are more
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thousands continue to arrive at the border of hungary and austria, the primary entry points into europe. authorities have organized buses and trains to transport the migrants but the swell of people over stretches resources and the austrian army has started to set up tents to provide badly needed supplies to the ever-growing number of people who are waiting for the chance to travel onward. the situation is still tense in the austrian town on the border was hungry. 2500 migrants crossed from hungary on monday alone. our correspondent is there. they are trying to slow the flow of refugees. have you seen any deployed troop s? clouse: there are more refugees in their country.
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we expect far more trains to come in tonight. 13,500 refugees came today. part of these could be redistributed to locations tonight but not all of them. supplies are running short, there are so many refugees. they have to stay on concrete here. more and more people have tried to flee. sarah: thank you for the update from austria.
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germany's vice chancellor says its country can expect to take in as many as a million migrants this year. it's the latest in a series of increasing estimates that have the eu worry. it comes a storm he introduces temporary controls along its border with austria to cope with the growing number of migrants entering from the south of the country that you see right there. the measures are intended to limit the influx and bring order to the arrivals process. our correspondent is at the german border with austria. he took a look at how that control measures are being implemented and here is his up date. reporter: the border control at the german austrian border has caused huge traffic problems and a greater stir all around europe. it should be exactly what the german government had in mind, besides slowing down the influx of refugees, especially from the suspension of trains from austria to germany. the number of new arrivals on
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monday has declined considerably. despite calls from bavarian authorities to extend those border controls for weeks, police unions have indicated they might not be able to uphold such major efforts for a longer time and they see the benefits of these actions rather limited. sarah: we are going to switch gears. we have some business news for you. gerhard joins us with the latest. >> apple says advance orders of its latest iphone model are set to beat the 10 million devices that sold during the first weekend of sales for the previous model. the positive uptick is important because apple now makes most of its sales through the iphone. the company did not disclose specific numbers for the new model called iphone 6 s, but analysts believe the orders are
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higher because it includes orders from china which was not part of the initial rollout of iphone 6. the new phones will begin shipping later this month. there is always a lot of hype when a new iphone is being released or anything being released in cupertino. the new iphone is not the only thing investors like about applebee's days. >> that's exactly right. it's not all about the iphone anymore. it's more about how you get your hands on an iphone. apple now want you to actually release it from the company. if it sounds familiar, you might be doing that already with your mobile service carrier, but now apple is taking over that business and pocketing the money . analysts on wall street are very excited about that. they see an upside potential of novell 50% -- of about 50% just
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on this new model of the iphone. >> what do i get from leasing my iphone from apple? >> what is good for customers is obviously the model is that you will get an automatic update every 12 months. so you always have the latest model, and for those that are religious apple fans, that is certainly worth something. it includes an extended warranty and it might even be cheaper than what you are already doing. you have to consider not everybody can even afford outright buying an iphone, people might prefer paying a smaller monthly installment. >> thank you very much, there from new york. we stay on that subject in a way. the frankfurt motor show opens its gates this week. this year is not the much about horsepower but more about computing power. the question that visitors ask
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hostesses are not so much about top speeds are fuel consumption. the questions are, does it drive itself, and will it communicate with my smartphone? old-school car fans, buckle up. it's a brave new world. >> introducing new models will not be the only sensation at this years show. or first time, the event will include internet and telecommunication companies, including google. they will all be demonstrating their vision of how cars of the future will one day connect with the internet. >> the intelligent connected car communicates its its surrounding. it can break when obstacles block your way and prevent accidents. it can maneuver in and out of parking spaces, driving will become safer and more comfortable in the coming years.
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>> my colleague has changed to the desk for this week. join him in 45 minutes.
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sarah: you're watching "dw news." coming up, u.s. attorney general loretta lynch warns of more indictments from corruption in the investigation into fifa. hungary has closed a key border crossing used by migrants. it is deploying thousands of troops ahead of new laws coming into force at midnight tonight. refugees trying to get through the new border fence illegally could face years in jail. mexico's president has condemned
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the accidental shooting of 12 tourists in egypt. officials are now saying that eight mexicans are among the dead. egypt's interior ministry said that arm forces had been pursuing islamist militants where the tourists were traveling in a convoy as part of a jeep safari. security forces apparently fired on the group after mistaking them for militants. injured survivors have been taken to a khyber hospital. >> we stand with the mexican people in their tragedy. the circumstances surrounding the incident are part of egypt's fight against terrorism. the mexican and egyptian survivors are receiving the best possible care. it's a painful incident. i offer monday this condolences to the egyptian people and to our guests, the mexicans. -- i offer my deepest
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condolences. i have spoken to the mexican ambassador and relate my condolences. sarah: we had to australia where the country's prime minister has lost a critical party vote and will now be in removed from office. tony abbott lost a closed-door vote 54-44. he will be placed -- replaced by malcolm turnbull. malcolm turnbull will become australia's fourth prime minister in just over two years. now to some other stories making news around the world. in turkey, police raided a magazine because of its cover, a photo montage showing president erdogan taking a selfie at a funeral. police seized the print run and detained an editor, accusing the magazine of insulting the president and disseminating terrorist propaganda.
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malaysian authorities have arrested three suspects, to malaysians and a pakistani national, in connection with last month's bomb attack in bangkok. explosion tore through a hindu shrine in august, killing 20 and injuring 120 more. taliban forces have stormed a prison in eastern afghanistan, freeing more than 350 inmates. the assault began with a suicide car bombing at the entrance to the compound and left for police officers dead and several others wounded. japan has evacuated dozens from the area around the volcano that is popular with visitors. it began erecting earlier today. a local -- erupting earlier today. a local resident called the event on a phone camera. officials have warned tourists to avoid the area. we will walk the fine line between the right to freedom of expression and certain forms of
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hate speech that constitute crimes here in germany. social media is playing an ever greater role in the spread of extreme right-wing and racist propaganda. that is taking on a new importance as hundreds of thousands of refugees find shelter here. the justice ministry has asked facebook and other social media sites to police themselves. now facebook says it will comply. >> threats against refugees, right-wing extremist tirades, they're part of a daily online diet for those who seek it out. now germany's justice minister is asking facebook to erase all this rhetoric before anyone else can see it. he says a task force will before with other networks to devise stricter regulations. >> we are asking for the same thing as civil society groups who have lodged complaints of ghent all this toxic -- against all this toxic language. hate speech is a crime.
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>> until now, facebook had shone the notion of erasing any content from its users. in the u.s., freedom of expression has a broader definition than it does in germany. the fact that facebook is stricter about photographs of naked flash. >> we will be able to learn from experts in germany and ensure our systems are responsive and debate that will through the be helpful in terms of defining the boundaries that should be set for speech on the internet. >> by the end of the year, the task force will make recommendations on ways to take effective action against hate speech online. sarah: more corruption charges for fifa officials could be ahead in the coming months. u.s. and swiss officials say the investigation is expanding.
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swiss authorities have seized properties in the swiss alps. the big question, will the former head face charges? >> it was the moment many felt the fifa investigation would go all the way to the top. there was only confirmation that more people are going to be indicted. >> i will not comment on individuals who may or may not be the subject of the next round of arrest. i'm not able to give you information about mr. blatter's travel plans. >> but the swiss government has already taken steps. >> further evidence has been collected. where proportional and needed, financial assets have been seized. including real estate.
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>> fee for president sepp blatter has steered clear of -- his apparent signature on this contract, which so the broadcasting rights to the 2010 and we 14 world cup's for a fraction of their value. jack warner, former fifa executive, bob the rights and reportedly sold them for price tag between 15 and $20 million. sarah: u.s. open men's champion novak djokovic's said he knows the value of that title he claimed on monday and he will chair us the emotions -- cherish the emotions he feeling for as long as he can. that does not mean he won't be a little silly with his latest grand slam trophy. tradition dictates that he posed with photographers in an iconic new york location like central park, for example. he made it to the final of all
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four majors this year, falling only at the french open. it's no secret that relations between india and pakistan are tents, they blame each other for terrorist attacks. it's a bit unexpected to see a fashion show displaying designs both nations in the indian capital new delhi. our reporter has more. reporter: the fashion show with a political twist. at a luxury hotel in delhi, pakistan's top designers are showing off the connections -- their collections alongside their indian counterparts. simply getting to know each other and connecting over shared history and culture is what matters here. quick sub always been fascinated by pakistan because i do have some roots there.
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i don't know while these boundaries have been caused. >> i see the warmth and love that they have for our people and i hope they are getting the same back from us. >> there seems little doubt about that. >> it's really great. the responses really good. i'm really liking it. i would also like indian designers to come to pakistan and showcased their collections. quick the festival is centered on food, music, and fashion. it's meant to create a better image of pakistan as designers on both sides interact and work on further collaborations. one of the few to set up shop in india had the idea. >> as a fashion designer, i have made this note that due to this fashion and food and music, we
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can make the relations very compatible, very lexical. i think i relations can be better. >> despite the optimism, there is still a long way to go. one of pakistan's most celebrated designers is known for his signature embroidered creations. >> there is a big market. we have a very new and big market because of the tensions and all of that, we cannot really bring our collections over here. >> politics is always part of the mix when it comes to india and pakistan.
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>> we are the only people that are so alike and have so much in common, and we are drifting apart. >> bridging that golf will likely require much more than just a few more fashion events like this one. sarah: beautiful clothes, beautiful collaboration. just a reminder of the top story this hour, hungary has closed the main border crossing to serbia used by migrants and has deployed thousands of troops. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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damien: hello and a very warm welcome to "focus on europe," bringing you the personal stories behind the headlines. i'm damien mcguinness. and on today's show we're focusing in particular on one of the biggest challenges facing europe today, the huge influx of refugees. austria's failure to help migrants in need. how greek and turkish cypriots are singing from the same hymn sheet. and why the party might be over for holidaymakers in barcelona. the desperate plight of refugees fleeing to safety is the biggest humanitarian crisis facing europe today. we saw terrible scenes of chaos in hungary as thousands of


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